How to use this site

How to find offer?

Go to the main page, "Buy bitcoins" page or "Sell bitcoins" page. By using panel at top, choose the type of offers you want to see, find the country, currency and payment method in dropdown lists.

You will see the set of offers sorted by price (best at the top). Pay your attention to suitable to you payment method and trade limits.

Choose one of the offers and click on it for further instructions.

How to buy bitcoins?

At first you must register or log in to For buy bitcoins you can find an offer or add advertisement.

After trade start make payment on the payment details given at the trade page and confirm it. Bitcoins will be sent to you as soon as trader/responder get the payment.

If you exceed payment waiting time the trade will be closed automatically.

How to sell bitcoins?

At first you must register or log in to For sell bitcoins you can find an offer or add advertisement.

After trade start a specified amount of bitcoins will be taken from your balance by Bitcoinsis escrow service for a while. Give the payment details in the chat if not specified already. After receiving the payment send bitcoins to trader/responder.

If trader/responder exceed payment waiting time the trade will be closed automatically.

What if dispute happened?

In case you are unable to reach agreement yourselves you can invite admin. It is possible after 24 hours when payment waiting time has elapsed.

Admin will ask both sides for screenshots or scans and send or return bitcoins.

Also you can report a user at profile page in case of inappropriate behaviour.

How to add your advertisement?

At first you must register or log in to

Go to the "Add advertisement" page and choose what you want: sell or buy bitcoins.

After this select your country, currency and payment method with payment description if necessary.

Create a price formula according with the price formula guide at "Add advertisement" page.

Specify minimal and maximal sum of one trade if you want.

Choose payment waiting time (during which you are ready to wait for payment).

Fill the other information field with your working hours, additional terms, etc. if it is necessary.

If you want to sell bitcoins – make sure you have enough funds. If not – you can deposit or buy bitcoins.

Adding advertisement is free. Advertiser is responsible for 1% 0.1% fee from the trade amount.

How to deposit bitcoins?

Go to "Wallet" page to see list of your deposit addresses. To increase the balance send bitcoins at one of addresses and after 3 confirmations bitcoins will be deposited. Minimum amount is 0.0025 BTC.

How to withdraw bitcoins?

Go to "Wallet" page and fill the withdraw form. Enter receiving address, amount and account password. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC. All transactions include 0.0025 BTC miners fee.

How to protect your account?

Use strong passwords including letters, numbers, capitals and special symbols of at least 10 characters length.

Do not use the same password on different websites.

Do not save your password in your browser, as there are viruses that can steal it.

Do not use Tor browser. Using a Tor browser puts you in the risk getting your bitcoins stolen.

When logging in to the website, read the browser address bar and check that you are logging into and not a phishing domain. Phishers often register domain names resembling domain name (for example,

Do not click on Bitcoinsis advertisements on Google and other search engines.

Do not install third party software, pirated software or browser addons you can not trust 100%.

Do not use the website from a shared computers or devices, like ones in public internet cafes, as they may have keyloggers installed to steal your user credentials.

If possible access to your Bitcoin wallets from a dedicated computer you have reserved for financial tasks only. Do not use this computer for other tasks.

Do not give anyone you are trading with addresses of your Bitcoin wallets.

Do not get involved in trades outside the Bitcoinsis.

Do not tell anyone your password or e-mail used for this site.

Check your e-mail or log in at least once in a week.

Turn on the "Two-factor authentication via e-mail" and "Bitcoins sending confirmation by password" options at the "Settings" page.